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January 1, 2019
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January 3, 2019
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Wonden Wonder


Working out means pushing yourself to the limit, sometimes literally until you bleed. Everyone knows the feeling; hands that are open after an intense workout, a scrape from an inattentive moment or an open blister after a long run.

Recovery takes time, but sometimes you don’t have that time. That’s why Wonden Wonder provides you with the fastest recovery. The natural effects of rosin and wool grease not only sooth the skin but also let your skin recover more quickly. The high concentration of wool grease in combination with anti-inflammatory and healing oils ensure that you will be amazed by the healing power of your skin.


Put a tube of Wonden Wonder in your sports bag to always have your deceivingly fast skin recovery at hand.

Apply Wonden Wonder on your damaged skin several times a day.

“Besides healing my skin fastly, Wonden Wonder is also the ideal cream for my bike saddle!” – Chiel Breukelman, Top cyclist